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Trent Open Mic Anniversary

Tuesdays Trent Open Mic’ running as normal make it down if you can. It’s their birthday! Hope you can go.

Our Articles Have Been Featured

In Elite Online Magazine so go have a look at it.


Elite Online Magazine is a variety magazine for men. Amongst this issue our authors Alex Campbell and Mark Hammond have been featured and myself (Lina.) Additionally, there is a pretty good interview of Mike Gatto and some other interesting tidbits.

Additionally Elite Online features lots of semi-naked women, amusing horoscopes, hilarious diaries and other news which are important for the Northeast. So go check it out!

Mogwai: The Sage 27.02.11

By Lauren Archer

I’ve toyed with the idea of writing this post for well over a week now… How to write informatively about this infallible group when all I really want to say is a resounding “OMG?!” The night at the Sage was undoubtedly one of the finest musical experiences I’ve ever had, Mogwai managed to keep us all drawn in and hypnotised for a good 1hr 40 mins and if I’m honest, I could have stayed all night. Kicking things off beautifully with ‘White Noise’ from their latest album (Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will), the group had us all mesmerised with tracks spanning across their impressive back catalogue of 7 studio albums.

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Hey Guys

Welcome to our fourth issue. Some news: upcoming new writers and our format is being slowly changed to a more blog like, electronic one with more frequent updates. We are also looking for more writers and people in general to join our team so if you are interested please just drop us a quick line at

Expect an upcoming Mogwai review within the next couple of days, too! Please, what would like us to know/review/publish? Just e-mail or comment

Local, national, and global musical acts

By Alex Campbell

I go to gigs to experience my favourite artists playing my favourite songs in a comfortable setting. The flashing lights coddle my attention when it starts to wane, the bass shakes my body constantly so I never forget where I am.

The other concert goers fix me to one geographical place restricting my dance movement, and the performer that I’ve seen in videos on posters and on TV constantly reminds me of their now immediate proximity. We cheer after every song, but it is not forced; we do it out of sheer adoration for the experience makers. At the end there is a sense of unfinished joy, we definitely want more.

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